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Common Questions & Answers

1. My Neverlate Exec won't enter SETUP when I hold that key down. Why not?

Please ensure that the Neverlate's center MODE knob is in either the RUN or ALL OFF position in order to enter the setup sequence.

2. I accidentally set an alarm that I don't want. How can I undo that?

While that alarm time is visible in the display, tap the ON|OFF key. The display should now show --:--, meaning that alarm is disabled and will not sound.

3. Is the Exec's backlight adjustable? Can I turn it off entirely?

The Neverlate Executive's backlight is fully adjustable. Three levels of brightness are provided and, yes, the backlight may be turned off entirely for those that are disturbed by even the tiniest amount of emitted light. If the backlight is turned off entirely, pressing any button on the Exec will illuminate the LCD for 15 seconds.

4. How loud is the alarm?

The Neverlate Executive is unique in that the the alarm volume may be adjusted independently of the ordinary radio volume. This allows you to fall asleep to light music and still awake at the volume of your choosing. Alarm volume is adjusted globally for all alarm settings (buzzer and/or radio alarms). The full volume setting is sufficiently loud to awake even the deepest sleepers.

5. What is the USB port designed for?

The USB port is a standard 5V USB port but contains no facility for data transmission. It was included so that small lamps, fans and other similar devices (originally designed for laptop computers) could be utilized on the bedside. The USB port may be able to be used to power and/or charge some PDA and/or cell phone devices however since there are so many different devices on the market AI makes no specific claims regarding use of the USB port for these purposes.

6. Is the backup battery included? What settings does the Neverlate Executive remember?

One CR2032 button cell is required for backup functions, but is not included. The required battery is available at your local drug store, RadioShack or online retailer. The battery backup in the Neverlate Executive is designed to retain all time, alarm and preference settings in the event of a power outage. When power resumes all of these settings will be recalled as previously set.

7. What is the purpose of the line-out (headphone) jack?

The Neverlate Executive's headphone jack allows private music listening without disturbing your spouse or partner. Alternatively, the same jack can be used to attach an external powered speaker if desired. In either case, if this jack is in use, the Exec's internal speaker is muted - all music and alarms (buzzer and/or radio alarms) sound through the attached device.

8. Is the Neverlate Executive available in a 220-240V model for Europe and other regions?

No. Unfortunately the Neverlate Executive is currently only available in the United States. The unit runs on US-spec 110-120V AC and will require an appropriate power converter to work in any country that runs on 220-240V. Please note that American Innovative products purchased from US retailers and shipped to international locations are not covered under our domestic warranty policy.

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