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1. I'm a little confused about how to operate the Batch Feature. Can you please clarify?

The batch feature allows quick recall of the last timer value entered (for that burner). Pretend, for a moment, that you set a 14-minute timer for your first batch of cookies. When that timer expires (beeper is sounding), press the MUTE | TOGGLE button on the top of the Quad-Timer to silence it, per usual. The display for that burner returns to 0:00:00. To recall your 14-minute timer again, press the START | PAUSE button on the front of the Quad-Timer. You will see that your 14-minute timer value is recalled. Press this button again to start another countdown. It may also be of interest to know that the four timer values are remembered independently of one another.

2. Suddenly the beeper on my Quad-Timer is not very loud and/or the display is dim and hard to read.

It's time to replace the batteries! Your Quad-Timer takes two AAA batteries which are easily accessed under the battery door on the rear of the timer.

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