Introducing the Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer with Vibration Alert

Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer

with Vibration Alert

American Innovative's Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer with Vibration Alert features silent vibration and/or audible alerts for dual countdown timers that can be run independently or simultaneously.

About the Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer
Vibration functions make Vibe handy around the home and office in addition to kitchen use. Dedicated plus (+) and minus (-) keys for hours, minutes and seconds make adjustments simple. Carries easily on the belt or apron, stands on the counter, or stores on the fridge using the integrated magnet.

Intuitive LCD with Elapsed Time Graphic

The Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer features a high-contrast LCD display with handy elapsed time bar graphic. Ten segments at the top of the display disappear with the passage of time (all ten segments are shown above for clarity), making it easy to see the percentage of total time remaining, at a glance!

More Information?
Please see tabbed sections at right for a full list of features and specifications.

The Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer sits upright on the counter. The LCD cants perfectly so as to be easily seen from your eye level.
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Features Specifications
  • Dual Countdown Timers (up to 24 hours) with elapsed time graphic.
    Expired timer counts up after sounding to indicate overage.
    Batch feature quickly recalls last value entered.
  • Silent vibration and/or audible alerts. Audible alerts sound different for each of the two countdown timers.
  • Stopwatch (up to 24 hours).
  • Clock (12- or 24-hour display).
  • Keypad Lock prevents settings from being disrupted.
  • Belt clip & fridge magnet.
  • 2x AAA batteries included.

Functions: Dual countdown timers (A & B) with vibration and/or audible alerts and batch feature, stopwatch, clock, keypad lock.
Travel / Storage Options: Belt clip & fridge magnet, the Kitchen & BBQ Dual-Timer also sits upright for countertop use and/or storage.
Max Timer Duration: 24 hours.
Display Type: High-contrast LCD, non-backlit.
Audible Alarm Duration: 60 seconds (or until silenced).
Clock Modes: 12 hour / 24 hour.
Power Requirements: DC 3V (2x AAA batteries included).
   Housing: Pearl White.
   Timer: 3.6in (91mm) x 2.0in (51mm) x 0.9in (23mm), 2.8 oz.
   Acetate Box Packaging: 7.5in (190mm) x 5.5in (140mm) x 2.2in (55mm), 3.8 oz.