Introducing the Neverlate Executive

Customize Your Morning!

Simply the Most Flexible Alarm Clock Ever Made

The Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock is the long-awaited successor to the original Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock. Itís a 7-day Alarm Clock and more, laden with new user-requested features designed to better accomodate the needs of varying lifestyles everywhere.

Three Years of Customer Feedback ...
Ever since the introduction of the first and only 7-day Alarm Clock in December 2004, American Innovative has been listening to and logging feature requests and product improvement suggestions from our customers. The new Executive model expands on the original vision that an alarm clock should accomodate the needs of its owner and not vice versa. Nearly every aspect of the Neverlate Executive is fully customizable.

Three Alarm Clocks in One - Not Just For 7-day Users
The original Neverlate was the very first alarm clock to feature seven, independent daily alarms - one for each day of the week. In the new model, we've introduced the concept of alarm "banks" - three in all. The two "7-day" banks provide two, completely independent seven-day wake schedules - "his" and "hers", for example. In addition, we've included a "Daily Reminder" bank. These daily alarms (up to seven) sound every day at the same time, just like an ordinary "dual" alarm clock, except with the added flexibility of five additional daily alarms. Use the alarm banks alone or in any combination that suits your need.

Customizable? Tell Me More.
The original Neverlate brought you customizable snooze duration, sleep and nap timers. The new Executive model introduces the first-ever "preferences menu" in a clock radio. Everything from the backlight brightness (three levels of brightness or off altogether) to the total alarm duration is fully adjustable. If you want. If you're not a tinkerer, these advanced features stay out of your way - the Neverlate Executive is as easy to use as its predecessor.

Unparalleled Ease Of Use
American Innovative redefined usability when the company introduced the original Neverlate and we've carried our patent-pending dial controls along to the new model. Twist the center Mode Dial to select the alarm you wish to set. Rotate the outer collar to adjust time and other settings up or down. Fiddling with complicated combinations of push-buttons to adjust time and alarm settings is a thing of the past.

New Digital Tuner with Station Presets
The Neverlate Executive adds a new digital FM/AM tuner with 20 station presets as well as a brand new aluminum cone speaker for even better sound quality. Did we mention customizable? Assign any station preset to any of your alarm settings! Wake to NPR news at 7:00am weekdays, your Saturday morning talk show on a different station and the buzzer on Sunday. There's no other clock radio in the world with this capability.

Other Innovative New Features
"Gradual Wake" feature? You asked for it - we put it in there. Line-in, headphone jack and more - a powered USB port on the back accomodates an electric fan or laptop boom lamp! How about this for innovative? - "Descending Snooze" option. Each time you hit the snooze button the snooze time is cut in half until finally the Neverlate Executive won't let you snooze any more. You can even disable the snooze button altogether (something we've been asked for more than once). Read about these and other creative features under the tabbed sections at right.

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The Neverlate Executive takes the original 7-day Alarm Clock to a new level with a new, larger display, digital tuner with station presets and unsurpassed feature customization.
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Features Specifications
  • Flexible Wake Options. His and her 7-day schedules plus seven daily reminder alarms accommodate any need.
  • Digital Tuner with Station Presets. 20 station presets or any of 4 buzzer "ring-tones" can be linked to any alarm. Wake to NPR news at 7:00am weekdays, your Saturday morning talk show on a different station and the buzzer on Sunday. Itís up to you.
  • Sleep & Nap Timers. Fall asleep to your favorite radio station or external MP3 player using the customizable Sleep Timer. The Nap Timer facilitates a quick power nap without disrupting your usual wake settings.
  • Flexible Inputs & Outputs. Listen to your iPod through the internal speaker or fall asleep without disturbing your loved one using the headphone jack. Use the Powered USB Port to run a lamp, a fan or even to charge your cell phone (not all cell phones compatible with this feature).
  • Incredibly Customizable. From the duration of the snooze to the brightness of the LCD backlighting, nearly every element of the Neverlate Executive can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.
  • Easy to Use. Despite its power and flexibility the Neverlate Executive was designed with ease of use in mind. AIís patent-pending rotary dial interface makes interacting with the Neverlate simple. Customizable features stay out of the way if not required.
  • AC-powered with battery backup.

Alarm Specs: Two 7-day schedules ("his" and "hers") plus seven "everyday reminder" alarms; four buzzer "ring tones"; linked alarm station presets; customizable alarm duration and volume; customizable snooze with "descending snooze" option; alarm "skip" feature; "one time" alarm adjust; gradual wake option; one-touch alarm review.

Radio Specs: Digital FM (87.5 - 108 MHz) / AM (530 - 1710 kHz) tuner with 20 station presets. High-quality aluminum cone speaker.

Display Specs: High-contrast, HTN/Negative backlit LCD; adjustable tri-level backlight brightness control.

Time & Date: 12 hour / 24 hour modes; calendar display.

Other Features: Customizable sleep and nap timers; patent-pending rotary dial controls.

Power Requirements: 120V AC with battery backup (1x CR2302 button-cell). Battery not included.

Inputs & Outputs: MP3 input (1/8" stereo); headphone out (1/8" stereo); 5V powered USB (no data).

Color: White with light-grey base and trim.

 Unboxed: 5.0in (127mm) x 4.5in (114mm) x 5.0in (127mm)
 (1 lb. 9 oz.)
 Boxed: 6.2in (157mm) x 5.7in (145mm) x 6.2in (157mm)
 (1 lb. 14 oz.)