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A Rare, Limited Edition Timepiece

Featuring Authentic Soviet-Era Nixie Tubes

The American Innovative Nixie Clock is a limited edition timepiece and the first of its kind in the United States. As historic as it is mesmerizing, the AI Nixie Clock contains six authentic IN-14 Soviet-era display tubes housed in a base that is hand-made in America with rich Cherry woods from Vergennes, VT and stainless steel finishes from Chicago, IL. Final assembly of these hand-finished and individually serial-numbered clocks is performed at our home office location in Boston, MA.

What is a Nixie Tube?
The Nixie tube is a gorgeous, retro display technology that is the predecessor to today's modern numeric displays such as the 7-segment LED commonly found on alarm clocks. The tubes first appears in the early to mid 1950s in answer to a market need. A display technology was needed that could indicate a multitude of digits in a single location, as opposed to beside one another. The Nixie tube answered this call. Each tube contains neon gas, one common anode (the wire mesh) and a variety of cathodes - wires shaped like digits. By applying a high voltage to a particular cathode, that numeral can be made to glow a haunting orange.

While not as practical as today's modern display technologies, Nixie tubes are certainly more beautiful. Nixie tubes came in a variety of shapes and sizes. The AI Nixie Clock is made from tube model IN-14 and we source them from Russia and Ukraine, as they come available. New, unused Nixie tubes still exist today, in their original packaging (what is known as NOS or New, Old Stock) but the remaining stock of these tubes is in very short supply. The scarcity of supply serves to add mystery to the inherent beauty of these tubes and is what makes the AI Nixie Clock "limited" in its availability. Only as many clocks can be built as there are tubes to build them with.

Details about the Clock
Today Nixie tubes have found their home in the form of Nixie Clocks. Nixie clocks are difficult to come by in the US and are often in kit form. American Innovative is pleased to offer this beautiful IN-14 based Nixie clock in a limited edition, hand-assembled short run. Featuring all of the classic Nixie Clock features - including date display and a variety of transitioning animations - the AI Nixie Clock is among the most aesthetically beautiful Nixie clocks ever designed. For a full listing of the AI Nixie Clock features and customization options, please see the tabs at right.

The first run of ten, individually serial-numbered American Innovative Nixie Clocks is currently in the final stages of production. Please check back or email us from the "Contact Us" page for an availability update.

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The AI Nixie Clock is as beautiful as it is mesmorizing. A variety of animation styles make the digits appear to dance across the antique display tubes.
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Features Specifications
  • A Full Range of Customizable Display Options. Full details of all of the AI Nixie Clock's features and display options will be available shortly. Please check back.
Full technical specifications will be available in this space shortly. Please check back.

Housing Materials: Hand-made Vermont Cherry and brushed stainless steel.

Dimensions: 7.5in (191mm) x 2.75in (70mm) x 3.5in (89mm) (LxDxH)