Introducing the Neverlate Series

Seven Days, Seven Alarms

One For Each Day Of The Week

The Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock is the first and only alarm clock of its kind. Seven independent, daily alarms accommodate your varied morning routine.

Today's Active Lifestyles ...
The Neverlate solves a problem that students, professionals, working parents, athletes and others all have in common. The demands of today's active lifestyles often require a varying wake schedule:

  • Students have classes beginning Monday-Wednesday-Friday at one time and Tuesday-Thursday at another.
  • Athletes train three mornings a week.
  • Mothers and fathers share morning carpooling responsibilities for their families.
  • Working professionals may have an early morning meeting just one or two days a week.

Great Sound In A Small Package
An analog FM/AM tuner works in conjunction with a "downward firing" speaker which emits sound out of the bell-shaped opening in the front of the unit (rather than through a pinhole pattern on the side or rear). This arrangement results in a fuller tone when listening to your favorite radio station.

Unparalleled Ease Of Use
American Innovative's patent-pending rotary dial user interface makes setting the Neverlate a snap. Twist the center Mode Dial to select the day of the week you wish to set. Rotate the dimpled collar to adjust the time settings up or down. Fiddling with complicated combinations of push-buttons to adjust time and alarm settings are a thing of the past with the Neverlate.

Other Great Features
The Neverlate features other innovative functions as well. Customizable Snooze allows you to choose your preferred snooze duration between one and thirty mimutes. Use the Sleep Timer to automatically turn off the radio after a user-specified amount of time. The Nap Timer allows you to punch up a quick power nap in the afternoon without disrupting your usual wake settings. The QuickReview function confirms your next upcoming alarm. Simply tap the Snooze | Alarm Review button for an instant confirmation.

We regret that the Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock is no longer available for sale. The above information is provided for comparison sake only.

Neverlate styling is unique. A modern design with a retro flair looks great in any setting.
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Features Specifications
  • Seven (7) independent daily alarms - one for each day of the week.
  • Analog FM/AM tuner.
  • Patent-pending, easy-set rotary dial user interface.
  • Small footprint (approx. 5" square) takes up minimal space on your nightstand.
  • Customizable Snooze duration.
  • Customizable Sleep timer.
  • Customizable Nap timer.
  • QuickReview confirms next upcoming alarm day and time.
  • AC-powered with battery backup.

Alarm Specs: 7-day Schedule (x1); QuickReview; wake to buzzer or radio; customizable snooze duration (1 - 30 minutes).

Radio Specs: Analog FM (87.5 - 108 MHz) / AM (530 - 1710 kHz) tuner.

Display Specs: 2-stage (low/high) backlit LCD with informational sub-display.

Power Requirements: 120V AC with (optional) battery backup (2x AAA). Batteries not included.

Color: Silver with dark grey base and trim.

 Unboxed: 5.0in (127mm) x 4.5in (114mm) x 5.0in (127mm)
 (1 lb. 9 oz.)
 Boxed: 6.2in (157mm) x 5.7in (145mm) x 6.2in (157mm)
 (1 lb. 14 oz.)